Eduard Roig

Retrat Eduard Roig

Eduard Roig, son of bakers Joan Roig and Glòria Prats, was born in Barcelona in 1968. Having lived a childhood infused with the day-to-day of the family business, he grew to understand the importance of the bakery occupation. After finishing his studies, Eduard decided to train as a baker. He began as an apprentice to his father’s friend, Saturnino Lopez – a great baker and an even better human being. At his side he acquired the essential career skills of discipline, methodology and gastronomic culture. Later in his life, he traveled and worked with the most prestigious international pastry specialists and chocolatiers, complementing his work with seminars to further advance his expertise. His extensive traveling (Madagascar, Sao Tõmé, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco …) was inspired by his passion for cacao and every trip was conceived with the intent to learn the product’s origin and investigate its textures and aromas. Eduard is also one of the founders of Karmel group, a new generation of bakers whose goal is to foster findings and exchange knowledge through the expertise of some of the best names in the industry: Philippe Hurraca, Jean Michael Peruchon, Frédéric Bau, etc. Eduard also collaborates in workshops, demonstrations, assesments, advertising campaigns, performances, books and magazines, all with the intention of contributing to the improvement of the country’s health and gastronomic culture.